25 random facts about me…

So I thought I’d put together a few facts for everyone who doesn’t know me, to get to know me a bit more πŸ’•

1) I was born in Hastings, New Zealand and grew up in Mount Maunganui. It’s honestly the most beautiful place, google it.

2) I made a random quick desicion to move to Australia because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Six days later I moved and I’ve now been in Brisbane for three years. 

3) I’ve lived in 28 houses. 21 in New Zealand and 7 in Australia. I actually hate moving so I don’t know how this is a thing haha. 

4) I would love to move back to New Zealand (preferably the south island for something a bit different) and study sonography. But we’ll see what happens πŸ˜‰

5) My parents live in New Zealand and I have limited family here which often gets me a bit down. I miss my parents a lot. 

6) I have no close ‘mum friends’ in Australia 😩 which is one of the reasons I started a blog.

7) I rarely swear. Well, not the F word. Shit and bitch are acceptable πŸ˜‚

8) I love makeup. If I was richer, I’m pretty sure that’s what I would spend all my money on. 

9) My favorite makeup ‘guru’ is shaaanxo and my favorite brands of makeup are Too Faced and Tarte.

10) I’m incredibly shy around new people and I often come across as ‘a bitch’ but I’m actually just quiet and once I’ve had one conversation with someone I’m fine.

11) I have anxiety and I usually know when it’s getting bad because I start breaking out in a rash which the doctors call my ‘stress rash’ 

12) I was a high school drop out but did really well in university. 

13) I studied Early Childhood Education teaching and always planned to go back to it until I had Hudson and decided looking after other people’s children was no longer for me haha. Looking after my own child is hard enough.

14) I’m shit scared of sharks. I will not go in the ocean past my knees. 

15) I love cats. Actually I love all animals but I’ve only ever had cats. My partner is allergic to them though 😭

16) I don’t know my real dad. He knows I exist and I’ve considered tracking him down a few times but only because I found out from a family member that he has children so I considered tracking him down to find out more about my siblings. 

17) My mum is the best. She raised me, mostly alone, for the first ten years of my life. She’s my inspiration in life.

18) I’m technically an only child. But I have an eighteen year old step sister who feels just like my real sister. 

19) When I was ten my mum and stepdad met. He is also the best. He’s a better dad to me than a lot of dad’s out there. One of Hudsons middle names is named after him and if I ever get married he’ll be the one to walk me down the aisle.

20) I have eleven best friends. Most of them are friends from high school. Four of them are guys.

21) I love reading, I’m one of those people who get angry at how shit the movies are compared to the books but I rarely have time to read now.

22) My favorite music is rock music. I have my favourite song by Chris Cornell and Slash tattoed on my arm.

23) I have five tattoos all up. They’re all small. I’ll probably continue to get more.

24) I’m also shit scared of flying. I cry when taking off. 

25) I dislike being called Stacey, it makes me feel like I’m in trouble by my mum. I prefer Stace. 

Hope this helped any newbies reading this, or people who don’t know me personally feel like they know me a bit better ☺️ 

Thanks for reading ✌️


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